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Unapologetically Me Holographic Sticker

Unapologetically Me Holographic Sticker

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Show the world who you are with this unapologetically me sticker! This stylish holographic sticker is the perfect way to express your self-confidence and pride. Let people see who you truly are with this simple yet powerful statement.

This design was inspired by my own journey of being diagnosed as autistic at age 30. I had always felt different from other people and I was very unkind to myself, believing my differences made me less than other people. Since discovering I’m neurodivergent, I have been taking the time to really get to know myself and I actually like who I’ve found in there! I’ve stopped trying to be like others and am proud to say I’m now ‘unapologetically me’.

Though our stories might be different, I think we can all relate to those feelings of doubt and criticism. So, let this sticker remind you that who you really are is the best you you can be.

A matching pin is also available


The details:

  • Holographic sticker that shines with beautiful rainbows as the light hits it
  • Perfect for decorating planners, journals, laptops, or wherever you put your stickers!

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