Emma, Sunshine Lane

Hi friend! Welcome to Sunshine Lane, the ultimate destination for spreading kindness and positivity.

Everything you see at Sunshine Lane is created by Emma (that's me!) -  an illustrator and content creator based in England. And I've got a mission: to sprinkle some self-care and a whole lot of joy into your everyday life.

Before Sunshine Lane I was running on empty, dealing with chronic health issues, and had just discovered I was autistic. Life was more about surviving than truly living, and that just didn't cut it for me. I needed a big change, and that's where Sunshine Lane began.


Emma's journey

When I left full-time employment back in 2019, I was in uncharted territory. I was lost, wandering in search of something more meaningful in my life. So, I decided to kick off Plan Inspire Create. Back then it was just a YouTube channel documenting my journey. Little did I know, it would grow into the awesome brand and community we have today.

Fast forward to now, and I've hit my stride. I'm all about crafting stationery and goodies that'll put a smile on your face and nudge you towards some self-care. I open up on my YouTube channel, giving you a sneak peek behind the curtain of my business and the pursuit of my dream life. 


Brand evolution

Sunshine Lane is my happy place, where I create products and content that's meant to make you smile and remind you that you deserve a little TLC. When I started, everything I did was focused around how I was using my planners for self-care. But it’s also expanded into so much more.

And so the name change from Plan Inspire Create to Sunshine Lane was a lightbulb moment that just felt right. It's all about capturing the warm, inviting, and happy feels that I want you to get when you see my products or check out my content.

It’s not about what my business does, but how it should make you feel. And I just love that. Sunshine Lane is all about that feeling; that burst of happiness that comes from doing something just for you.


So, there you have it. Sunshine Lane is here to brighten your day, remind you to treat yourself with kindness, and add a little sunshine to your life. Thanks for joining me on this journey! 🌞

Emma xx