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Notes to Your Incredible Self: A Self-Love Journaling Kit

Notes to Your Incredible Self: A Self-Love Journaling Kit

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It's time to celebrate the amazing you! This journaling kit is your invitation to self-discovery, self-appreciation, and writing reminders of all that makes you incredible.


What's Included:

  • 5 Patterned Papers: Create adorable mini envelopes to hold your personal affirmations and self-love notes.
  • Envelope Template: Worry-free crafting with the easy-to-follow template.
  • Washi Tape Sampler: Add a touch of whimsy and secure your mini masterpieces.
  • Sticker Sheet: Packed with affirmations and inspiring quotes! Plus, adorable rainbow and heart illustrations  – perfect for your notes!
  • 2 Die-Cut Quote Stickers: Powerful quotes to inspire your self-love journey.
  • Decorative Postcard: A beautiful keepsake to spark creativity.
  • Introduction Flyer: Learn all about the kit, including creative inspiration and journaling prompts


Want to see how I use the kit?

I ran a live workshop as part of the 7 Days of Self-Care Challenge in collaboration with Oops a Daisy. Why not watch back the replay and journal along with me?

How it Works:

  1. Watch the Workshop: I'll guide you through creating your mini envelopes, writing positive affirmations and self-love notes, and decorating your journal spread.
  2. Get Creative: Use the patterned papers, stickers, and washi tape to personalise your journal and make it a true reflection of you.
  3. Reflect and Celebrate: Dive into journaling prompts that encourage self-discovery, gratitude, and embracing your unique self.

To watch the replay, visit 


Join and let's celebrate the incredible YOU!

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