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Love Who You Are Glitter Sticker | Celebrating Neurodiversity

Love Who You Are Glitter Sticker | Celebrating Neurodiversity

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Celebrate neurodiversity and encourage self-love with this sparkly glitter sticker! This vibrant design features a rainbow infinity symbol, interwoven with the empowering message "love who you are." 

The rainbow infinity symbol reflects neurodiversity and the countless ways people can see and experience the world.

This sticker is a wonderful reminder to love and celebrate the unique way you experience the world, and to inspire others to do the same.


The details:

  • Made from waterproof vinyl with a glossy finish
  • The design has a glitter overlay which sparkles as the light hits it, adding a touch of magic
  • Perfect for decorating planners, journals, laptops, or wherever you put your stickers!
  • Released to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and to celebrate neurodiversity

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