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Bodies Change Square Print

Bodies Change Square Print

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Too often we become critical of ourselves as our bodies change. Encourage yourself and others with this empowering square print. This print embodies the idea of body positivity and confidence in your own skin, which is key to living a healthy, happy life.

This illustration was inspired by my own experience of my body changing after surgery. I gained weight and was left with a scar across my tummy. The shape of my body looks different due to the scar impacting how the weight distributes – goodbye flat stomach! Though it wasn’t through having children, the changes were similar to those experienced by new mums. I started to feel self-conscious and worried what others would think. And I had to keep reminding myself that these changes were natural and had no impact on my worth.

Though our stories might be different, many of us can relate to those feelings of self-doubt. So, let this print remind you that you are amazing as you are. As the quote on this print states - our bodies may change but our worth doesn't.

  • 148 x 148 mm
  • Printed on 350gsm silk cardstock

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