Planner page sizes: a quick reference guide

Planner page sizes: a quick reference guide

Whether you’re buying physical or digital inserts, or trying to make your own, working out the correct sizes for the different types of planners is a minefield! So, here’s a quick reference guide to the most common planner page sizes.

The sizes below refer to the size of the insert. For a traveler’s notebook this is the size of a single page rather than a double page spread.

Some manufacturers may use these size names whilst using slightly different dimensions. I have cross-referenced different planner manufacturers and these usually very within a few millimetres. However, if you want to be extra sure and specific, I recommend contacting the manufacturer of your particular planner.


Why not use these measurements to make your own inserts?


I have a whole playlist of videos over on YouTube showing you how to design and print your own planner inserts for any of these sizes below. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss out on new videos.


Planner page sizes: a quick guide



 Name Width (imperial) Height (imperial) Width (metric) Height (metric)
Big (HP) 8.5" 11" 21.59 cm 27.94 cm
Classic (HP)  7" 9.25" 17.78 cm 23.5 cm
Mini (HP) 4.5" 7" 11.43 cm 17.78 cm


 Name Width (imperial) Height (imperial) Width (metric) Height (metric)
A5 5.8" 8.25" 14.8 cm 21 cm
Personal wide 4.75" 6.75" 12.1 cm 17.1 cm
Personal 3.75" 6.75" 9.5 cm 17.1 cm
A6 4" 6" 10.5 cm 14.8 cm
Pocket 3.2" 4.72" 8.1 cm 12 cm
Mini 2.6" 4.13" 6.7 cm 10.5 cm

Traveler's notebooks

 Name Width (imperial) Height (imperial) Width (metric) Height (metric)
A5 5.8" 8.25" 14.8 cm 21 cm
Standard 4.25" 8.25" 10.8 cm 21 cm
Standard wide 5" 8.25" 12.7 cm 21 cm
B6 5" 7" 12.7 cm 17.78 cm
B6 slim 4.25" 7" 10.8 cm 17.78 cm
Personal 3.75" 6.5" 9.5 cm 16.51 cm
Pocket / Field notes 3.5" 5.5" 8.9 cm 14 cm
Passport 3.5" 4.8" 8.9 cm 12.2 cm


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