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Refill pack for the Just 90 Planner

Refill pack for the Just 90 Planner

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This listing is for a refill pack for the Just 90 planner - a quarterly goals planner designed to help you achieve your life goals in just 90 days.

The planner was designed to minimise waste and to be cost-effective for the person using it. These Just 90 Refill Packs allow you to re-use this planner whist replacing the essential planner pages.

Each refill pack comes with a set of instructions as to which pages to replace. It couldn't be easier!


There is also a larger Reset Pack available which not only replaces your essential planner pages, it also allows you to re-complete section 1 of the planner. By doing this, you can take stock of where your life is at that point in time and refresh your vision before starting a new 90-day cycle.


::: DETAILS :::
- Pages are punched to fit in the Just 90 planner which is an A5 discbound planner
- Pages are printed on 120gsm white paper
- All items are sent in eco-friendly packaging which can be re-used or recycled.

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